The False-Reality Show


  • Interdimensional Overlords-Architects

  • Non-Human Archontic Entities

  • Religious Organizations

  • Bloodline Elite

  • Secret Societies

  • Corporations

  • Governments

  • Private Militaries

  • Public Militaries

  • Political Groups

  • Media Organizations – News, Actors, Celebrities, Performers

  • Industries

  • Medical Organizations

  • Mafia

  • KKK

  • Gangs

  • Counter-Culture

  • Black Bloc

  • Protesters, Trending Group Think Managers, Crisis Actors


5 thoughts on “The False-Reality Show

  1. Do these groups and the actors in the show know their part of the deception? or do they beleive the parts theyre playing?

    One thousand clones to one hu-man?

    Makes you think of who your neirghbors are!

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  2. So who’s in the true reality show? Also, I like your writings and I’ve learned a lot. What would you say is the most important thing an individual can do to free themself and humanity? Or a list of things would be better. I often find that I am learning more about how the entrainment system works, but info on breaking free is lacking.


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