Soft-Disclosure: COMA (2017)

What did we know about life after death? It seems like a strange dream.

Eventually, we learned the rules. Learned to find our way. Gather the essentials. We learned to survive. The world is comprised of broken memories, and we are as broken and lost as the world around us. Will we be able to gather enough strength to find our way home?

Will we ever wake up?

They killed us. We found out we are immortal. We live after death. But not like you think. It’s like a dream, an undying, never-ending dream. You have to make real what you want to be, otherwise there is only a dream of reality.

There is a video that may be released soon that speaks on some of this. Energy is what differentiates the realms and differentiates who is powerful enough and knowledgeable enough to traverse and continue holding together in the energy realms.

3 thoughts on “Soft-Disclosure: COMA (2017)

  1. We are in a simulation living a dream, in a nightmare, as part of a parasitic mainframe that controls how we perceive our own “external world”.

    I can’t wait to go back to my own dream in the true realms again. I was a creator god. I only came here as I was needed. I have enough of this putrid realm. I can’t stand being inside such a limited shell and being constrained so much. I can’t let my guard down knowing anyone can be replaced with another consciousness. I’ve seen how easily it happens when the annunaki filth did that to a person before, overshadowed his mind/face, just to push me to the edge so I’d beat the person up and get kicked off track.


    1. Where did you come from, how did you get here, where are you going? You just spoke…do you know what you said or why you said it? Why? Now if your memory was wiped and you were thrust into another dimension where your mind creates your experience what do you think would happen to you? Would you find your way back to reality? Would you sync up with others? Or would you wander aimlessly living the dream?


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