Pent Up Energy from Suffering and Abuse is Used in a Parasitic Energy Feeding Process

Pent up energy, deception, suffering, abuse, shame, ridicule, emotional torment, gas lighting, etc etc etc, this is all an parasitic energy feeding process!

The longer you allow those feelings to persist, and the more closely they are associated or connected to a certain traumatic event or relationship, then the more the initiator of that event or that relationship is fed through that transfer of energy!

Your negative perception is literally the transfer of positive energy over to the other individual! (Negative and positive could be transposed here depending on your definition, for instance: in electrical engineering negative electrical charge is a surplus of electrical load. It’s a ‘positive’ ‘amount’ of charge, backwards from an initial assumption at least in physical terms. This is not necessarily important here.)

The idea is that there are networks of etheric energy that connect everyone. This is an INTERNET of CONSCIOUSNESS, similar to the electrical internet the soul and consciousness NET is connecting EVERYONE. This is one way this reality is akin to a HOLOGRAPHIC SIMULATION, however the full explanation removes any shadow of a doubt!

One individual can VIRTUALLY interact with a group or another individual through stitching in commands and associations to the unconscious mind and bypassing the conscious mind through that method. Thus what is experienced on the surface level in the moment may not be directly related to what has occurred on the unconscious level and is tethered beyond the physical limitation of space and time.

The programming of an indoctrination system, or a traumatic event occurs in a person’s past and the remnants of that event can continue to siphon energy from their system far into the future even though there is no PHYSICAL connection!

The CONNECTION is still there! Where is the connection? IN THE MIND! The MIND can enable a VIRTUAL connection as if accessing through a VIRTUAL IP ADDRESS and this is one way that everything that occurs on the physical plane has its counterpart in this virtual HIGHER SPACE that is purely MENTAL.

Every thought, every vibration, every cue, every program, every reaction, its all connected in some way or another to the moment that essence first entered into one’s life! Thus, those who act as the progenitors of those experiences, whether traumatic and deceptive or benevolent and harmonious are in some way receiving energy from the continued presence of that energy within an individual or groups life! Thus those who mass program the population and are all connected to all those individuals lives and there is an energy transfer system! The celebrities and politicians are wizards!

Turn down the feeding process by simply expressing how you feel and making it known to the universe and others! If the TRUTH comes out then that system is EXPOSED! The parasite must hide from the truth! If you simply express, in a harmonious manner, the TRUTH, while focusing on increasing SELF-AWARENESS, and operating through FREE-WILL by not giving into any reaction based mind games or feeding into the hate or the fake battle, then you are UNHINGING your own mind and energy from that entrainment system which relies on continued suffering, delusion, deception, angst, and SILENT CONSENT.

Your SILENCE IS CONSIDERED CONSENT. If people attempt to feed on you and you hush it away by ignoring or avoiding contact this can be used against. Feeding the battle is also considered consent, it’s like walking a fine line with a parasitic, sociopathic entity that relies on abuse and deception to survive! One must VOICE THEIR CONSENT of their own FREE-WILL while REJECTING the abuse and deception of another! Then the universe knows your stance and the individual or group running the show is exposed for what they are! It doesn’t matter if they don’t care, the effect still stands and the truth is still the truth!

This is the main issue with today’s (all of history) situation, people refuse to acknowledge that those utilizing parasitic behavior are running the show and they try to explain away the fact that the people are used and abused as a fuel source and a right of way to access this dimension and change things up.

Only by ACKNOWLEDGING what is taking place can we separate ourselves from the equation. Acknowledging gives US power by confronting the illusion and thus taking our power away from it. The illusion is DEPENDENT on IGNORANCE and WILFUL ignorance more-so! Only by directly rejecting and withdrawing our support and directly removing all manufactured consent or acceptance of abuse, misuse, deception, and so on can we actually change the situation.

This is the case for millions of people who are currently involved in these parasitic feeding programs but do not know how to actually face the situation. Fighting is more of the same, fighting on the same level is part of the game to go deeper into the quicksand. They are more competent psychological warfare and so fighting on their level is the extra push they need to take the game one step further every time someone involves themselves in another layer of deception.

Withdraw! Announce your stance and reject the illusion, the deception, the abuse!

4 thoughts on “Pent Up Energy from Suffering and Abuse is Used in a Parasitic Energy Feeding Process

  1. A man eye am and me will not stan d for any thing leading to any unconsenual feeding of my life energies
    I am sovereign and free and that’s the way I will continue to be
    Thanks Aug for helping me to see that I will not kneel(neil) to those who do not reveal themselves to me and so shall it be


  2. Well said, Aug… “Only by directly rejecting and withdrawing our support and directly removing all manufactured consent or acceptance of abuse, misuse, deception, and so on can we actually change the situation.’

    I refuse to accept this abuse as a sovereign spiritual being and I DO NOT CONSENT to this PARASITIC A.I. illusion. I DO NOT CONSENT to their deceptions and abuse, and any and all agreements, are VOID and NULL.

    I do hereby ORDER THEM OUT and will NOT ENGAGE in their FAKE MIND GAMES.

    Thank you, Aug for helping me out here. You are a true blessing.


  3. YES, Exactly….” Withdraw . Announce your stance and reject the illusion, the deception, the abuse.”
    I am a spiritual sovereign being and I consent NOT to the illusion, the deception and the abuse”

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