Fiona Barnett MKULTRA Mind Control and Ritual Abuse

Please research the early videos I have released along with posts and the initial interview.

This information is step one of the indoctrination process.

Those who are participating in ‘disclosure’ yet do not speak of these issues are personally involved and invested in covering up the trail. I was there, I saw them, I know how they look naked and what kind of activity they like. Everyone who was involved is on a list and will have to either redeem themselves by proving themselves clear of infection thus altering the very reality itself through pure spiritual intent or they are proven to be merely a puppet of the parasitic essences that are controlling them and are actually the majority of what guides their vessel and mind and thus bars them from receiving a sentient human status. Those are ‘organic robotoids’, they are considered automatons because their chemical desires are stronger than their mind.

That is actually how they are attempting to harvest souls. If you are involved with people who ‘disclose’ the spooky wooky system yet they are actually covering up these ideals and do not have direct experience or they do and are hiding it, then your consent of their involvement in your life is used as leverage to represent your acceptance of this kind of activity in the world. Strange, but guess what, if you don’t personally, directly acknowledge this kind of manipulation through manufactured consent and revoke this illusory consent by acknowledging this and other tactics as illegitimate then that is used against you.

What you don’t do is used against you. I’ve witnessed this directly, read the early posts, research Max Spiers, James Casbolt and Donald Marshall. This is the kind of stuff they use to fragment the mind.

There are other reasons, uses, backgrounds and aspects of the situation but simply read through to get an idea.

There was a tribunal and a negotiation on how to approach this situation regarding those who are of ‘reprobate mind’ and choose not to reconfigure their own mind to avoid this kind of behavior. As well, the rituals and programs are designed to engage one’s mind and reproduce this kind of behavior continually, spreading this like a viral infection which literally passes from electrical nervous system to nervous system.

This is used to feed the parasites and at first it was seen that this was for the power of small, secret groups and as soon as the methods spread this got so out of control that now these parasites control this realm.

The idea with the tribunal , the negotiations and the monitoring of this civilization is that this infection is like candida. Simply taking medicines will not help, if there is still food being fed to the sickness then that parasite will continue to grow. What has to be done is the introduction of cleansing herbs, actual truth and self-awareness (self-accountability) and a process of starving or removing the resources that the parasite needs to feed.

Removing sugar, wheat, processed foods, additives and chemicals is required to starve the parasite along with taking herbs like black walnut to assist in the removal process.

Thus, the truth is slowly being released so as to not shock the system and cause a spontaneous die off which also releases those poisons (etheric implants, emotional-mental trauma) into the bloodstream which in this case is related to psycho-etheric bio-emissions which are also used as food by the parasite. That is how in depth this system is, curing one’s self of that which is feeding can release poisons that damage the mind and continue to feed the parasite and weaken the one that is healing! This is just like a biological organism only this is etheric!

The important part here is that the machines that were being used to siphon the mass ritual trauma energy into the parasitic feeding channels are deactivated and so they are only running on personal traumatic energy that must be squeezed and released on an individual or group basis and this is through debauchery, arguments, ritualistic hazing, trauma based mind control, mockery and satanic gas lighting, game playing, artificial narcissistic constructs or parasitic relationships.

Thus, those who are monitored and found to be feeding these parasites in this time, with the machines deactivated, for any reason, any purpose, berating people, playing mind games, participating in sexual debauchery, ritual abuse, crimes against humanity, are marked so that everyone knows who they are and what they are capable of in any future realm and there is no way to remove this.

Consider this a message to awaken and see what is happening, there are no second chances, you will not receive kindness in exchange for ignorance or fear. Ignorance and fear caused this situation, literally by design, anyone participating in debauchery or the traumatization of others through ignorance and fear are viewed as part of the secret groups that are designed to subdue and enslave humanity. There is no in-between, no ‘luke-warm’.

Everyone involved in these situations went through this. Question those who are either playing dumb and claim to not know, or literally know they don’t know, but want to pretend that this isn’t happening. If they know they don’t know, then they should consider telling the truth. If they know and have been hiding the truth, then this has been noted.


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