Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez – The Mental Liberation of Humanity


  • Live in people’s DNA

  • Questions for public, through messages

    • Self Validation

    • Scapegoating

  • Lion’s Gate

    • Programming

    • Unveiling

    • Solar Flare

    • Memory Restored

  • Memory and Guidance

  • Interdimensional, Extraterrestrial, september viewing

  • Holographic in Nature, Outside of this Dimension, Holographic in Nature, Mind Beyond, Virtual Nature

  • Interdimensional Parasites, Creation of Physical through Imagination, then Creation of Imagination through the Physical, Use Tech to Change it or Use Spirit and Intent, Magic and Technology

    • Moving Timelines Instead of Physical Alterations

    • 3.5 D instead of 4D and Higher

    • Spirit is Long Body Highest Potentiality Aspect, Physical is Mundane, Lowest Potentiality Aspect, Bottom of Pyramid to Higher

    • Base Level of Potentiality, Maximum Level of Potentiality


  • Extraction

    • Cast off the attachments


6 thoughts on “Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez – The Mental Liberation of Humanity

  1. I just wanted to post another question for here, Aug, in case you can get around to it in another interview or otherwise. I’ll add it as a comment on Patricia’s video as well. You’ve said that if a person can manage to make it through to the original reality where none of this ever happened, he may be able to pull the rest of his bloodline through like a roller coaster. Does this apply only to biological blood relationships? If you have a strong enough bond with someone in this life who is not biologically related to you, is there a way to pull them, too? Like the big boat pulling the little boat in the cartoon at the end of my “Frog Tellez” video? I dunno, that little moment just came together synchronistically when I made the video, so that leads me to believe it may just be possible!


  2. The obstacles are mind control, interdimensional parasites, manufactured consent, poisoning of the ecosystem & body, psychopathic infected elite, memory wipes, memory inserts, time modification, dream alterations, socio-economic enslavement, a machine that edits reality, amongst other things – BUT if you state your sovereignty too much, you’re trying too hard.
    There’s a big difference between being in a place of empowerment/setting consistent personal energetic boundaries & being in a place of fear.
    If the machine is constantly editing – how do we have free will? Isn’t the machine “triggered” to edit, based upon what we are thinking & creating? And then- it just adds another challenge, another layer?

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    1. Didn’t Aug say the machine was disabled in some way and what’s running now is just the residual glow of the “LED lights” before it totally shuts down? And in that sense, there will come a time (if it’s not here already) when it will stop functioning normally and creating new layers? I think I need to watch the Time Machine video again.

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