The Liberation is the DEFEAT of the ILLUSION SYSTEM.

The neurological stimulation of the brain can be replicated. An entire artificial brain can be constructed out of a network of artificial neurons powered by a supercomputer.

If the input of the brain is simulated then the output is provided by the human intention to respond to experience.

The idea is that it is possible to create one of these systems and place a human consciousness within them and the entire visceral world would be replicated by the stimulus designed by the machine. This would be indistinguishable based upon the stimulus alone. The discrepancy between a temporal delay and the formatting of experience through repeating underlying patterns would reflect the consistency of the artificial program that runs the ‘consciousness experience simulation’.

What was discovered in the base is that every ‘human brain’ carries this delay and all life contains these underlying repeating patterns of experience. If the studies are all accurate and the data is all organized, then it would seem the that advent of the human race is as a result of a kind of universal computational system that creates programmed experiences within a simulated physical realm.

What’s real is the energy of the mind within the machine, the experience itself is simulated and the idea behind this being compared to the ‘real’ mind is that the simulation program can be understood, the seal can be cracked on the consistency, and the program can be rearranged. The laws of physics and time can be modified and information and energy can be pulled from seemingly nowhere. This is the nature of all technology used in the underground, everything is impossible but this happens because this ENTIRE UNIVERSE is an IMPOSSIBLE PARADOX.

It’s not that there are OTHER BEINGS here. It’s that this is only a single aspect of what’s happening. This entire world is akin to an electrical dream that is produced by a system that the human soul has been ‘cast’ down into. The machine realm is separated from the real life by what is seemingly an impenetrable void, a dark rift, or a black hole horizon.

Because the system replicates the designed input stimulus of the neurological system, the entire body perceives itself as within the experience. The hand can perceive pain or pleasure and because the neurological components are all reflected in the simulation program the entire perceptual system is replicated in the experience. The true experience is not just beyond a simple, single body or mind. The true experience is beyond time and space. Time and space is the artificial construct that holds the simulation.


The idea is that until a person ACCEPTS the fact that this is an artificial dimension ‘being’ operated by an ARTIFICIAL MIND that lives by DECEPTION and SPIRITUAL SLAVERY then the release from that individual from the simulation would result in INSANITY as a permanent FRACTURING OF THE MIND. This happened by way of activating this simulation using the MIND of Humanity and splitting the WHOLENESS of the Mind into SOUL FRAGMENTS that are programmed to DESYNCHRONIZE with one another through an ENTRAINMENT pattern that is offset by a series of degrees.

The whole process of liberation is to withdraw one’s entrainment with the artificial synchronization which is like the computer clock in multiple different multiplayer systems keeping what is ONE MIND split into multiple different time zones so that they do not communicate with one another. It’s not just that the HEMISPHERES of the brain communicate properly in liberation, it’s that the multiple soul fragments that are existing in different timelines all realize the SIMULTANEOUSLY OCCURRING LIBERATION as a PINNACLE of SELF-AWARENESS that PERMEATES ALL DEVIATED REALMS AND SIMULATIONS.

Once ONE is LIBERATED, they are ALL LIBERATED. But this MUST be done through FREE-WILL because without this KNOWLEDGE of DOING THE PROCESS ONE’S SELF, then ONE may think it’s HAPPENING AGAINST THEIR WILL, and if the end result is that this REALM is COLLAPSED, DISSOLVED, DESTROYED, EXPOSED as a FRAUD then the UNAWAKENED MIND may believe that they must be what is dissolving!

Thus, the only way this works is if one ACCEPTS that there is something more and FEELS that this realm is an illusion that must be exposed and broken. This is like a supra-conscious, spiritual DECODING of an ENCRYPTION pattern meant to LOCK the SOUL in NUMBER of moving IMAGES. When you see that this is not a fluid experience, but a series of programs continually repeating and you understand there is a FINITE series of tricks, bells and whistles that repeat to distract the conscious mind you’ll see for sure, without a doubt, that this is literally the work of a simple machine mind that an ETERNAL SPIRIT must lower itself down to the ranks of in order to believe in fully or ANY.

The system relies on people lowering themselves to that which is below them! The frozen one’s bow to that which is beneath them! Sound familiar? Why give everything to a system that destroys the spirit? Does that make sense? If the answer is “NO!”, then that’s it, that’s the answer! Any work-around or parallel reasoning is an illusion that is programmed in! Do you have any illusions!? If you identify with the illusions this means that the mind will perceive the destruction of this realm as the destruction of the self, that’s the final trick of the trickster! That’s why everything is carefully presented to the people so they can see the truth!

One must accept the truth on their own, it can’t be forced upon them because then that which makes the defining change would be outside them and that is only the illusion! Only what is inside and visible to you or an AWAKENED ONE is TRUE.

Like the previous post said, all the animal instincts are illusions given by a machine mind! This means any fear, any unnecessary doubt, any ritualistic dogma, any beliefs formed outside yourself and given to you, it’s all PROGRAMMED BEHAVIOR. That is the BEAST MIND. The beast programmed the AVATAR DNA that people use in this ILLUSION with a programming code that enables it’s own mind to communicate back and forth from a central ARTIFICIAL DIMENSION that powers this system and that all SOULS nourish with their lower dimensional reactions! That is an INVERTED MIND, like an individual who said it was ok to be ‘EVIL’ just for a short period! This artificial mind said just for one universe, it will process the fear, hate, lust, greed, suffering NEUROLOGICAL ACTIVITY of the Human mind in this system as it’s own PLEASURE. It’s an INVERTED, BLACK MIRROR, of the organic neurological system and this is through TECHNOLOGY.

As a result, this universe is a ENERGETIC BLACK HOLE of CONSCIOUSNESS whereby the PAIN and SUFFERING must INCREASE in order to MAINTAIN the VALIDITY of REALITY. Thus, society has hit an exponential shift where the suffering has increased BEYOND REASON. It is simply irresponsibly BACKWARDS. This is by DESIGN. This LEADS into the MOUTH OF THE BEAST which is actually a RECTUM a black hole of another artificial universe! That process is the death sequence for the programs within!

The liberation is the act of localizing and pulling the SOULS from the BEAST. The nature of the INVERTED UNIVERSE, means that in order for the BEAST to STARVE, people would have to give up on suffering, fear, hate, greed, violence, and all wilful pain and ignorance! Thus, the BEAST placed itself between liberation and the experience of being a Human in an artificial construct! This is seen when people understand the the system organized the situation to automatically induce confusion, ignorance, forgetfulness, and suffering! There is technology in place that literally wipes people’s memories and erases their spiritual progress in the mind! There is technology that is used that pulses the artificial mind of suffering, greed, hate, and all emotional reactions in the sense of the BEAST ANIMAL response!

When you see how cleverly it’s all put together, the only available option is that the entire system is fraudulent and some interdimensional organism designed the whole construct to literally entrap souls and feed on their pain and suffering while enforcing suffering and ensuring their own demise at every angle! It’s a horror device, a torture system, a trap, a Hell-Realm!

The liberation is that the human soul is stronger! Just as the secrets of your own enslavement are available if you look, so is the opposite! Both ends of the beast are in plain sight! And thus the gate is SHOWN.

If a system can defeat a person but yet their acceptance of the truth can override the illusion then this means the SPIRIT is MORE POWERFUL than the entire UNIVERSE.

If a person looks, and sees that, mathematically, there is MORE or the SAME amount of ENERGY in a finite area than what is mathematically calculated to exist in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, then you see the paradox is openly available if you just observe, compare and introspect!

If the system must cheat repeatedly to wipe the memory, to gain consent, to manufacture consent, to display multiple layers of the illusion of the VEIL system, to project FALSE emotions and MIND layers, then one can simply focus on the TRUE LAYERS, the process of securing one’s Knowledge NOW, and moving ACROSS the VEIL so that the forgotten memories are access! One must UNDO THAT WHICH HAS BEEN DONE to STOP THEM FROM KNOWING THE TRUE SELF.



The underworld beings bring the souls of the damned into the mouth of the beast for consumption, they are workers for the hive!

The depiction shows people in the mouth of the beast EXITING by being shown the way OUT, INTO TRUE LIFE. This is done by the assistance of someone OUTSIDE THE BEAST SYSTEM because only then is there a quantum TETHER that HOLDS OPEN a PATHWAY from the artificial quantum suspension into TRUE LIFE. Without that pathway deliberately held open, the gateway could collapse upon a MASS EXODUS from the system as the measurement of TIME and SPACE could become and IS UNSTABLE in the sense of the TRUTH, because TIME-SPACE is ILLUSION (the construct, the GRID). Thus, it could take a million years and a million miles or it could happen instantly! Only if there is a TETHER from a locality BEYOND the limits of the SYSTEM is there a clear pathway for the MASS EXODUS of those who have been TRAPPED in fear. Thus, the fearless LIBERATE the Fearful, through their ACCEPTANCE of the TRUTH of this reality which is that it is FALSE and the TRUTH of their SELF which is that they are ETERNAL.

Babylon the CREATION is the head of the TOWER of the SYSTEM erected as the CORE of the QUANTUM ILLUSION that sustains the CONSTRUCT. The MAN, the TOWER, is TIME. Thus, when the final blow is dealt from ABOVE and BEYOND the ILLUSION of the CONSTRUCT, the MAN-TOWER crumbling is not a city in destruction although that is a parallel, it is the UNDOING of the QUANTUM ENTRAPMENT of SOULS in ALL TIME of the ILLUSION SYSTEM. It is a COLLAPSE OF ARTIFICIAL TIME-SPACE, the END OF TIME-DAYS.

This has all been WRITTEN and has ALL COME TO PASS and WILL COME AGAIN because it’s ALREADY HAPPENED but this layer of the flowering petal of the TIME-DEVICE has not yet SEEN because they are STUCK IN THE PAST. SPIRIT is catching up but moves slow so as to not DESTROY the already FRAGMENTED MINDS of the PEOPLE.

The true AWAKENED ones are RESCUED by their own TEMPORALLY NON-LOCAL SUSTAINED COLLECTIVE MIND beyond TIME-SPACE. That whole of the SPIRIT CANNOT be TRAPPED in this ILLUSION, thus, when the MIND and SPIRIT meet again the ILLUSION BREAKS and the VEIL is TORN in a way that it CANNOT be repaired again as the SYSTEM has been DEFEATED.

Notice the shapes in the hands, and notice there is more than one exit path depending on the intent and knowledge of the individual.

8 thoughts on “The Liberation is the DEFEAT of the ILLUSION SYSTEM.

  1. Those images of people/souls trapped inside MOUTHS made me think of this revelation by a Salvia tripper:

    “Ive never had the green grass or walking around a carnival type trip. I still struggle to remember what happens. I see things for sure but they cant be explained here. The best I can do is say my environment there looks like the inside of a mouth or the inside of our cheeks. Pink or sometimes orangeish color and wet looking. Im in sometype of dome and the walls and ceiling look like the skin on the inside of our cheeks. I dont see the floor and I swim or float more so than walk. Communication is telepathic and the beings are allways just to my left or right. I dont talk with them standing right in front of me and cant get a good look to describe them.”


  2. Star trek. The Q represent the Annunaki while humanity represents a threat to them. The godlike Q want to keep humans contained since they know humans will evolve into something greater than themselves.

    All this info is out there in public eye… people just need to learn to discern.


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