Interdimensional Overlords Cloning Humans for Tens of Thousands of Years

See how the previous post merges with this one. The “Unveiling” is when Humanity sees the truth that they have been kept prisoner here for tens of thousands of years by interdimensional overlords that clone themselves into the minds and bodies of the Humans.

3 thoughts on “Interdimensional Overlords Cloning Humans for Tens of Thousands of Years

  1. Yesterday,…I saw 3 being as I gazed into my water glass, were these the one inside of me. I saw a reptilian and 2 others being that where different then me. Now what do I do. I thought it was a vision to come…. I prayed to learn to love……… The reptilian was strong and stern, this I could see. He did not look to friendly to me.
    Now what am I to do. Omg was it a picture of me? It scared me a bit at first, but I knew what to do, to not feed them lunch.
    Ok fun is here, this I see, because learning who I am is fun to see. I felt your hand hold me tight when this reptilian came into my site.
    Thank you Aug


    1. Water, like mirrors, can reflect other levels of the light spectrum we don’t normally see. This is how they keep showing it in horror “movies” where the scary thing appears to be seen in the mirror but not by the naked eye. I’ve also seen something in a mirror before, as it was walking across behind me. Most people are possessed, overshadowed, parasitized, with chains extending from themselves to ex’s or vice versa and drainage occurring. These astral connections and beings are usually not seen unless you try to awaken. There is a new movie out now where doctors make themselves have near death experiences and then bring themselves back to life, but eventually they do it so much it “brings” back a piece of the afterlife. It’s mostly a change of awareness and when you shed the physical shell your awareness changes and that’s all.


      by James Bartley


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