Earth is a Pseudo-Graphical Back-Up Runtime Environment

This environment is a pseudo-graphical user interface that was designed and implemented from a non-local reality in order to preserve and provide a means for continuity of the unawakened portions of what is loosely referred to as “Humanity” but is more accurately the sentient beings on Earth.

There was a temporal collapse and as a result of the disruption the conscious continuity of the lower dimensionally or simply physically aware beings was rendered disconnect from the higher aspect. Thus, people literally were trapped in their own, segmented dimensional dream-time separated from the original whole of eternity.

The plan was to recreate the physical Earth environment from the perspective of outside of the third dimension and this was achieved by those who had reached a sufficient level of awareness by the time of the collapse in linear history.

Through the use of spiritual knowledge and technology the plan was implemented and a pseudo-graphical user interface was projected into the space where the collective was ‘free-floating’ without a means to connect or ‘consciously grip’ and experience the traction required to continue their ascent and progress ahead forward towards higher awareness. A realm was created out of the holographic systems and the discarnate consciousness was tethered by frequency entanglement and imbedded into the holographic environment. Through this process, the only consciousness that could be maintained through this system was, of course, holographic in nature and therefore only a projection system that necessitated the process of continual upkeep and maintenance from outside the realm.

This environment is used as a kind of place holder, a “training simulation” to allow those who had remained behind in “time” and “space” to grasp the concept of their self once again and integrate the portions of themselves into the higher and lower wholeness of the spiritual awareness.

The strange aspect of this is that the parodoxical nature of reality is made present when, through advanced viewing technology and practices one can see that the origin of this reality is entirely based on this creation aspect as if the ‘fall of man’ was the decision to create a lower dimensional holographically projected environment to experience and integrate the higher and lower aspects of the self and that the reality of physicality in itself is a fall from the higher dimension and an experimental project involving cosmic creation bridging together the personal personal and collective awareness. Thus, the personal, individual reality is born out of this creation of the physical which is born out of the necessity to reintegrate the pieces that are fragmented out of the mishap which occurs through the termination of the physical environment in a way that requires the recreation of the pseudo-graphical holographically projected reality!

No one knows when the first or original, ‘organic baseline’ reality came about, but the idea is that it must be eternal because the original reality could not have a beginning or an end. Through this, the journey becomes not a trajectory through material space and time to link up with greater and greater amounts of resources but to reverse one’s ‘descent’ into the gravity well of this spaciotemporal mishap and increase their self-awareness until they reactivate and reachieve the divine connection with the collective mind between the personal, individual aspects of our self here and what exists beyond the confines of this universe or dimension.

In continuing the strangeness, it seems that we are the ones who create this pathway, this bridge through hyperspace by synchronizing our mind here, which is seemingly temporary and physically anchored, with a cosmic intelligence that exhibits the perspective of an eternal view which, when met with, immortalizes one’s own intelligence by opening up to one’s mind the larger reality that exists directly outside of the confines of this pseudo-environment which was literally only generated as as temporary restoration ground to assist in the reintegration of the lost aspects of self, identity and memory as the result of a temporal disruption.

This place was created as a result of a necessity to repair consciousness and is maintained to allow people the necessary reflection of self to integrate fragmented consciousness back into a larger, cosmically viable sense of self. And this act of creation was necessitated due to an error, and the error was due to the formatting of this creation which was corrupted during the process! The only way out, is to skip over the linear, yet cyclic loop aspect and to rise upward and out through an abstraction layer ‘above’ the third dimension and the dimension of time, through the MIND and through the combination of MIND and FEELING until one has arrived at a realm that is the projection of the combination of the knowledge of the personal and collective which currently resides WITHIN and AROUND the physical self on an energetic level.

7 thoughts on “Earth is a Pseudo-Graphical Back-Up Runtime Environment

  1. Watch Independence Day: Resurgence and the dialogue between the giant white sphere and the humans at area 51 at the 1 hr 16 min mark “my species shed our biological existence for a virtual one”


  2. This would explain why we are not in the same position in the galaxy that we used to be…the mandella effect. In effect, we are in a holographic representation of a holographic corrupted matrix and need to work out our dark energies and rise above it before we are allowed to pass on through. Also explains why our sun went from bright yellow to an intense whitish colour. Also, why the darkness swamps this planet now since more and more true beings have been rescued as they “rescued” themselves from this place due to overcoming their negative energies they accumulated in the false light holographic matrix.


  3. I’m sure there’s more of her writings on this topic, but that’s up to whomever to find them :)

    As beings of Light become more and more in tune with the True Light, they will become more and more vibrant, shining sparks of the True Light. Beings of Light and beings of Darkness will then become more and more intolerant and uncomfortable with one another. While this separation of the two Lights is in progress, True-Light beings and False-Light beings will both be undertaking their respective “metamorphoses”.

    The Miniature Galaxy that has been discussed in the past is a “Half-Way House” for the viables when they are evacuated from this Evil Creation. True-Light beings who have been contaminated by Darkness will reside there until all the necessary “metamorphoses” is completed so that they can safely be re-assimilated into the Branch of Light. Thus, once again, they will be re-united with the Source and become an integral part of the True Creation.

    It is then that True-Light beings will exist in the love, purity, timelessness, harmony, joy and beauty of the True Creation. Even the being known as “Time” will have been liberated from Darkness.


  4. This piece reminds me of Amitakh’s xee-a twelve halfway house writings where she talks about beings taken to for rehabilitation before being allowed to join back into full true light consciousness since those beings are partly damaged and corrupted and have to work that out of their system so as to not corrupt the rest of creation anymore. In her writings its a separate dimension slightly out of sync with the original corrupted realm and therefore allows rehabilitation while still being close to your original trapped self.


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