The Eternal “I” and the Temporary Illusion of Destruction

The whole idea is that this is a projection of temporary illusion within an overarching eternity. Thus, there can be no actual lasting death or destruction in eternity. Whatever is experienced here that is destructive is only temporary. There can be no end.

By pretending the identity of the ego is true and permanently meaningful, people set themselves up for failure and become the centerpiece of their of their own demise attempting to hold on to what is inherently illusory and temporary and therefore already dead. What is temporary is dead and unreal, what is real is eternal, has always existed and therefore cannot not exist.

The idea is that if you live in ways that reflect the temporary destructive elements, then you are living in the illusion. If you are free from the constructs of the ego, the desire to be important based on concepts and a foundation that melts away into time and reality, cannot be forever, then the person’s “I” or consciousness is also temporary and that ‘flavor’ of experience must end.

Thus, those who are not attached to a particular identity they are convinced is worth the suffering that they have invested into that particular view can live in a form of awareness that is unhinged from the illusion, tethered in that way to ALL instead of one particular frozen frame of perspective. That “I” is eternal, knows no death, and cannot be destroyed or based in suffering. Dropping out of that pure awareness, to attach to ego, to a concept of temporary identification through definition based on the physical, desire, fear, or limitation of creativity, one produces the “I” that dies, that cannot experience the true self and that is full of suffering and inherently attached to and based in limitation (suffering).

This is how people actually choose their own reality, because the self will automatically align with whatever version you are allowing to persist the most constantly in your reality. If you stick to one version or another, that will become stagnant and eventually cause problems as the energy must flow and shift. There is no one reality, only a plethora of multiple streams that are all one simultaneous constant. The only true reality, the only true self, the only true concept, is no individually formed concept separate from the rest but all concepts altogether.

The more one can bask in the free flowing non attachment of who they are beyond the physical shape, the more they are liberated from the cause of suffering and the likelihood of fear and limitation. As well, the more others who are attached to suffering will see this and naturally become activated to try and bring you down to their own level! Of course, they cannot be saved, they cannot be awoken, except by their own internal discourse, their own intent to detach from their own illusion, the identity that is suffering and not the contrast they feel in comparison to someone else!

This is the nature of the current society, each person’s suffering is an illusion based upon what they feel they lack that another person has, or what they feel they deserve that has been taken from them or given to someone else, or what they feel they should do to another, because of what they feel has been done to them. Such is an illusion and is the cosmic immaturity that threatens one’s capacity to generate a long lasting continuity in their own ‘story’ as a human becoming a universe because that is the original state. The beginning and the end is the same, beyond the physical limitations. The beginning is not a physical embodiment of the same level, that is impossible, as if one tree came from another tree and so on forever. What was there originally is a nothingness that contains all possibilities simultaneously, and this is what is always already there and is then collapsed down into a single view that contains the requirement of another single view to continue.

The completion is not an endless stream of single views, but the continuity that branches and leads back into a coalesce of all views simultaneously occurring without beginning or end and so the human must convey themselves a pathway to this eternal locality from the future state unto the position they are in now in the physical. This is the marriage of the divine with the mundane, the awakening of the linear consciousness to the cosmic mind and this cannot happen through attachment to one or the other but an effortless freely flowing growth pattern that shifts in leaps and bounds into an expansion that incorporates more knowledge than the one single identity that we seemingly originated from through early memories.

Therefore, somewhere along the line, every identity is overcome, all selves are taken up into the higher form and the form becomes the formless once again. This doesn’t mean a lack of presence but a level of presence so far beyond that there is no physical or consciously conceivable method to actually refine and describe anything but a portion of what the experience is. This is primarily because the experience itself, is partly the experience of what CAN BE as well as what is, was and will be, altogether at once!

One thought on “The Eternal “I” and the Temporary Illusion of Destruction

  1. These concepts are challenging to convey through language. The “I”- the individual sense of self- this is how we perceive the world around us. Through a collection of individual thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences. It’s something I’m “playing with”- this sense of the individual self. What happens when we no longer acknowledge that individualism? We can speak & think & feel in terms that are inclusive of a greater, more expanded sense of awareness- but where does that line blur into a loss of the individual self? And is that a potentially dangerous line to cross? The body is illusory- the experience is illusory- yet this is our current state of perception- within the body, living this experience.


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