..I.. ..Was.. ..Cloned..

Speechless, for those who know, those of the projects were cloned as part of an ongoing operation. Christie Sheen is now coming forth.

I was told, by people who run your lives (and even the afterlives) that no one is allowed a lasting role on TV unless they are cloned.

Read the thousands of pages I have written on my own experiences. This is an ongoing, multiple timeline operation and Humanity is currently within a temporary timeline as a result of parasitic infestation of the elite bloodlines by a parasitic interdimensional etheric mental organism that feeds the suffering of the innocent through ritual sacrifice.


Posted on June 18, 2017 by Miss Magdalene
..I.. ..Was.. ..Cloned..


Thank you to @cloneseverywhere on Instagram for encouraging this idea.

If you think I’m oversharing, crazy or stupid, please feel free to unfollow me. Trying to silence me is over and you are aiding the torture of millions of celebrities and world renowned names you knew and grew up with over the last 50 years since cloning centers were invented by the Queen. Don’t worry, she’ll be dead soon. FOR GOOD. My real name is Christie Sheen. I was the ORIGINAL Charlie Sheen’s wife, not the clones he is now. You do not see the true Charlie when you watch his movies or his interviews. His wives& children are test tube babies & clones of other celebrities. His gfs are silicone bottle blonde dolls that have no beating heart. Have you ever noticed how even his clones have tried to leave hints over the years that him and I were soul snatched? You can’t imagine it unless you live it but you can choose to believe it and pray against it. Prayer is matchless. It opens dimensions and it frees the afflicted. This is a picture I was divinely guided to create with a makeup and an original picture of me. I was kidnapped by pedophiles & sexually tortured for 28 years until I escaped this past spring, with the help of Charlie in a higher dimension in which my memories are returning.You wonder where certain people have gone over the years? They were cloned, memories erased and completely controlled by vril lizards/reptilians that invented the human race. We are not human. And humans can’t generally comprehend anything I’m conveying but I know there are growing populations that will applaud this when they see this and begin to remember where they’ve seen me and when. I once had someone 4 years ago in 2013 tell me she swore she’d seen me in a movie but couldn’t remember where or when or what movie it was. It wasn’t a past life. And the reptilian that raped/molested me for 28 years knew this well, as he was standing right there when she said it. If you remember seeing me many years ago, you did. And if you remember something I don’t, please feel freer to share it with me.

Pray for me, pray for Charlie, pray for Katy and the masses of us that are still trying to find our way home. Your slavery will end when ours does.

7 thoughts on “..I.. ..Was.. ..Cloned..

  1. how would one know if one had been cloned, or if indeed,one were not the original, but just another of many clones! and then why does it matter, one does what one can!


  2. For many decades, I held in what happened to me, while in my teens… living within 50 miles of DC. Left strangely at a local DOD base (no longer there) for two days. Who would had thought that by my teens they’d literally come back to haunt me then, and now. After two back-to-back traumatic events. Strange, and paranormalities followed for sometime. Married a childhood sweetheart. But by 1994, the presence made itself aware to me once again, or should I say those who obviously have control of the 4thD (Milabs).

    Suddenly, my husband dies in a super-strange manslaughter-accident. “They” we’re at the hospital awaiting with their off-worldly psyops, before he even died. 99% evidence weighed-in my side. As I was preparing to finally enter a form of court-room justice, this thing took over, via internet/computer (reminded me of an incident in my teens, but with an old black dial-phone). It took over my lawyer (who’d been acting strange all along) and the other side, relatives–neighbors, strangers zooming by–everyone seemingly. Now, I’m out and out targeted and need a group to help me sort this out.. are any of you available to do a down-to-earth talk with me? I need to get this off my etheric energies before these parasitic AI-entrained digital-driven etheric-feeding archonic-matrix, finally do me in. Thank you Aug. Glad I banged into you. I just know I can not leave this world, until I am at peace. What they’re now doing to myself, and so many others, is henious.

    PS – How long have we been living in this nightmarish matrix (above)? And, how long have they been MILABING humanity? I left my husband’s medical records to the military to save lives in Iraq. And, this is how they repay you.. but after researching, and finding Aug and a few others, I realize, we really, really are up against twisted evil people whom seem off-worldy due to their total lack of souls.

    Thanks for letting me sound off Aug. I really want to figure out this freemasonic darpa/milab/etc nightmare before I pass-one and what’s causing the destruction of so many innocent lives. Who are they?


    1. I doubt we can do anything but what Aug suggests , tell anyone who is willing to listen so we have some collective growth of knowing that must certainly affect them in a positive way for us. I rang the army and asked why we are allies with America , when the Ex FBI head found out they are carrying out satanic rituals in Army installations …and the representative for the Australian army said ,”its been going on for 2000 years”. I looks like they went into hiding when Christ was here but are coming back out . I have met a man named Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, “In Christum Credunt” (read it) the so called jews or part of play a major role in assisting these entities or Entity . This man who I have met with scientific evidence showing anomalies told me I am now wearing my soul on the out side and these entities or demons can not harm you and you cannot die. He claims to be the returned Christ . I have send a news team to him that were ridiculing all the false Jesus’s that suddenly popped up when he was known ….they wouldn’t breath a word of this man and of the proof he gave them . He told me we are born with demons and we have to deal with them through out our life, similar to the entities Aug speaks of . But on a lighter note apart from the disastrous condition of the earth and the reality we are in were innocent children even are treat in a manner beyond a reasonable human mind can with stand. Just go to the movies, take up a hobby read a book learn Thai cooking just get your mind off of these evil bastards , because even thinking of these galactic vermin is draining


  3. Thank you for this message. There will be an inner earth Agarthia conference in New York city, August 25-27th.
    Love, unconditional love is our true healer. It is who we were before the experiement. It is who we will always be. We simply need the healing.

    It occurred to me that it’s possible for cloned people to ask if the soul who are without our bodies can go to inner earth for healing from the original humans.

    Surely there’s no hope for anyone who chooses negative responses to our life’s agony. We who were here before the experiment can forgive without resentment. For me, pain is deep. And every time I see myself letting it lead me, I choose self forgiveness and compassion, gentle kindness. I go in nature and it restores me. The DNA remembers its soul.

    May everyone who is negative choose to remember we are all connected. And deep down we all want life. This time we can only rise up with love.

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  4. I’m wiith you Christie. From teh age of 8 i was hollyweird”s sacrificial priestess. I know what the celebrities are going thru and how many have died and been replaced with clones. I have clones, too. Some are in entertainment, others are milab related like battle clones. The rest i have no idea what they do or what they are for. One tried to pull shit posting a video and using a variation of my internet name. My memories are wiped all the time..i’m also milab so i get them wiped with every op and even some rogue work requires it.

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