Time Resets, Ancestor Simulation, Torus Technology, Interdimensional Parasites

They trick people into accepting their own demise and accepting punishment through believing they’re not worthy or are ‘bad’.
Everything that is happening is about the unveiling of the truth, the hidden aspects of reality becoming known.

These processes are for the liberation of humanity through self-awareness. People are restricted through tactics to reduce efficiency, productivity, energy and the production of disease and dissonance within the conscious and subconscious mind. The nature of the relationship between the subconscious is literally the arrested portion of the higher consciousness.

The true origins, the function of the universe and the true history has been hidden from public view. The universe is consciousness central however the fragmented consciousness is due to the manipulation of and projection of reality as holographic neurological interface.

These are fear based control systems operating as a reality generation model. There advanced technology controlled methods/psychotronics , methods of deception.

Symbolism is used to access the subconscious.

This is a time of energy purity, wholeness non-divided original essence within. Pure awareness is a non-local transceiver system with simultaneous presence with the actual universe.

Same property connects one’s particular intention and experience from the beginning or initial cause and memory. each individual traces their own frequency back into through a path from the center to the edge and back. When ones simplifies down but cannot any further then the original blueprint has been reached
these existed since the beginning and all other experience extends forth as beta testers – alpha testers archetypes.

This dynamic was abused and used in the manipulation of humanity which resulted in the temporal whirlpools which are literally the cause of the repeats. The abuse of advanced technology and spiritual knowledge resulted in the near collapse of the entire system.

The system is threatened by a total reset and an extraction is likely. Those still feeding the parasitic entities will be marked in a process to protect Life and to ensure that this mistake is not repeated.

10 thoughts on “Time Resets, Ancestor Simulation, Torus Technology, Interdimensional Parasites

  1. I’m watching the Dream Vision video of yours on youtube atm and it reminded me of my recent dream vision of being on a boat and encountering the 7 angels of the apocalypse. They’re the keepers/controllers of information and energy for these “endtimes” that darkness wants to bring about. Most “angels” especially the shining ones being of the matrix itself. It was intense, but no fear.

    An older dream vision I’ve had was one of me and my spirit left my shell, it was a golden ball of light, and I joined 7? other golden balls of light, me being a part of many, and we combined our energy and shot into the pacific ocean creating a major hole and seeing all the water draining in. My physical shell then smiled as it knew the suffering was finally all over.

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  2. Xee-a Twelve, of the infamous Amitakh Stanford fame, holds many keys that seem simple yet are deeper than simply seem. She was defamed, but I’ve talked to Dr. Death Joseph C. and I can tell you he really is quite a negative being. For even if the Divine Father were to be amongst his children, he should bow down for all a part of him. These links are of the Atu-Waa she described as the time restarting device the Annunaki fallen filth have been fighting over till it became inoperable in 2008.





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      1. http://www.xeeatwelve.net/articles/demagnetisation.htm

        (Part of the article for perusing…she describes it in a similar but different enough way in case someone doesn’t understand what you say :D )

        Demagnetism (Omni #1)

        Amitakh Stanford

        25th August 2003

        The following information, as with all information that I have given out in the past, is not channelled material; I do not channel material.

        The information contained in this Omni is important and serious.

        One of the most critical traps in this world is caused by magnetism, which operates from minute scales onwards to universal scales. This trap has been hidden and is currently not even suspected by people. In fact, today some “healers” are actively promoting the use of magnets in clothing, bedding, jewellery etc., which is totally contrary to spiritual well-being, despite its APPARENT beneficial uses such as providing directional compasses, shielding from much harmful radiation, use in electric motors, a multitude of electronic uses and certain biological healing effects.

        At the present time, beings of Light especially are being affected by magnetic fields that are being operated by the Dark Side. Beings of Light are being drained of massive amounts of energy, sometimes even totally depleted of their energy because they are being magnetised. On the contrary, beings of Darkness are full of energy due to “polarization”.

        A huge “monitor” is controlling the magnetics in this Evil Creation. In the True Divine Creation, there is no magnetic field and nothing is magnetised. Magnetism is a tool used by Evil in this sector to programme and manipulate all facets of all types of beings. This is done at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

        The Earth contains a vast magnetic field on and about it. DE-MAGNETISM is THE KEY to unlocking the “prison” doors that have kept so many imprisoned in Darkness and Ignorance for so long that they have forgotten their Divine heritage because of the magnetic-filtering mechanism placed on and about the Earth.

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  3. Keep it up. Your message is spreading. I’d also add a declaration of non consent to each day or each activity that can be compromised that way when the parasites try to attack you mentally, emotionally, and physically they will break your personal free will law and then those parasites can be taken out.

    When I was 8 my family got hit by a car as we were crossing across the street. Ever since then they’ve used that tactic to try to get me cause it riles my anger. I once had to stop right in front of a car and look her in her old eyes just so she finally acknowledged I was there walking across a green light. I’m by no means a small guy 6ft 250. As well, when we got hit my father said he partly died and “Jesus” sent him back to take care of us lol. A lot of good it did…when you have a spiritual armada protecting you one physical man means nothing.

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  4. Great post, Aug. I was made painfully aware of the matrix, that’s been horridly abused to manipulate humanity, when the elite killed my late-husband (on their grounds & I had highly-creditble 99% evidence it was their fault–period). What a horrific truman show its been, one quite frankly started after they enticed someone to leave me at a miliary base, as a baby. After those whom raised me we’re tragically killed (strangely, covered-up) they came at me from the 4thD et cetera. When I got close to the court date for the above first incident, their AI matrix truman show once again was activated. The owner of said grounds–Rothschild. They’ve physcially, psychically and mentally/emotionally, as well as financially, took me down, having attacked-tortured me for a slow-horrid death ever since; even using weaponized programmed parasites and matter w/their AI and much, much more. Its making it really hard to work on anything ascension-wise. I’m at a loss. Any ideas or tips? We’re getting really near that time.

    I’m trying to understand how someone(s) we’re allowed to turn an advanced terminating technology into a terminating psyho-maniac-machine against so many harmless, innocent, defenseless people. How did this happen? The original elite, the watchers–we’re they in-charge?? Who are these watchers (the one’s Enoch wrote of)? Archons? One and the same? Who did this to us, Aug? I don’t want to die angry, but I’m rather balistic as are so many others–decent, law-abiding, innocent civilians, not to mention all the whistleblowers, activists et cetera and most of us are lone women, if that tells you anything. Obviously, there’s a dimensional force among us, including their AI, in the etheric, that’s playing lucifer/satan, and at times, God (can’t make that one up). Either role, its demented, always.

    Thanks Aug, for all you do. Look forward to your posts.


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