Ken O’Keefe Unveils The Truth About Adolf Hitler

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7 thoughts on “Ken O’Keefe Unveils The Truth About Adolf Hitler

  1. Like i have told you before Aug Christ is on the Earth in human form displaying his injuries on his body, he has scientific proof that he was conceived with out a father, which was the main proof for me among other things such as the letter “In Christum Credunt” written by Pope Benedict , I also know the Pope’s niece personally. I have flown to the Vatican to confirm with priests if this letter is true and they said it is . I contacted the media in Australia as they were doing stories on all the people claiming to be Jesus in Australia and ridiculing them , eventually they did after repeated calls and emails and when he handed them the evidence to check they disappeared and never went back . his name is Brian Leonard golightly Marshall and ever since i met him he has always said the Jews are the demons on the earth and the cause of the most negative facets of the human race … Children of lucifer he calls them completely evil to the core inter dimensional demons in human form and if you cant see that by what how and when regarding global events you have serious issues to deal with. As the Christ . Mr Marshall has stated we are in HELL which is the overlay you speak of , he has also spoken of the demons that enter this world with you when you are born…he is in his 70’s and has said he will never die although they (the Jews) have tried to assassinate him many times already along with attacking his disciples who is is teaching the truth of things to . He also claims that the rightious such as yourself and the people that follow you who know whats going on and only want peace and love for each other , sort of how it was 50 years ago, are currently wearing their soul on the out side and cannot die and will be living in heaven which is coming to this earth. He is a normal man that did not go to university , swears, jokes around, will knock you out if you attack him and says turn the other check is bullshit the jews made up and he never said that, and is one of the best people i have ever met in my life , totally unlike the fag Jesus the jews made up in the bible to manipulate the Christians.


  2. Pardon my rambling thoughts but my intuition comes in waves as I’ve been too busy these past few years to devote as much time to meditation as I used to

    ” The New Man is living among us!…He is intrepid and cruel! I was afraid in his presence! …Adolf Hitler




    The reptilian Queens of Orion had become impatient. The SSS-T Council is ordered to dispatch an elite team of Psych-Warriors to ERIDU to attempt a take-over.

    Their task is not easy.

    They must locate a human being with powerful connections that can be mind-manipulated into a take-over attempt against the rebel lizard Empire. The Orion team arrives, it utilizes hidden caverns once used by their ancestors as its base of operations. The search for the right candidate must begin immediately.

    In his early twenties, Adolph Hitler was a devastatingly poor young man. He uses drugs to achieve ‘higher levels of consciousness’. Ernest Pretzsche, a mystic bookstore owner, is described as ‘toad-looking’. (He is a lizard hybrid). He introduces Hitler to German mysticism and Herr Von List, one of occultism’s most vocal of advocates. He also believes an Aryan race of super-beings resides hidden deep in the bowels of Earth. It is they who guide Man.

    Adolph Hitler enlists in World War I and earns the ‘Iron Cross-First Class’ as a corporal. He is injured by mustard gas and is hospitalized. While there, he is treated for the symptoms of psychopathic hysteria. His doctor, Wm. Forster, uses induced visions to relieve Hitler’s blindness. Hitler is released cured of ‘hysterical blindness’ but is convinced that he is the Messiah.

    He also believes that the Aryans of Germany are destined to become the Master Race of Mankind.

    The Orion Psych-Warriors have found their candidate.

    Hitler begins espionage duties in Munich. He earns his position in the ‘Political’ department of the Army District Command. He assassinates German officials who surrendered during World War I, an act he considers to be a betrayal of the German people. The elite members of the Army District Command are members of the ‘Thule Society’, a group that is supported by the German High Command. (The Thule Society is recognized as a Society of Assassins.)

    In 1920, Hitler declares the formation of the infamous Nazi Party at a rally in Munich. Rudolph Hess is appointed Minister of Propaganda. Heinrich Himmler is appointed Head of the Gestapo. Hitler and his henchmen feel that somehow the secret police, the most powerful arm of the Third Reich would best be called the ‘SS’.

    The Aryan ‘SS’… the Psych-Team smiles.

    The ‘SS’ is a secret society comprised of members that must be initiated. It is called the ‘Schutzstaffel’. Only pure Aryan soldiers are permitted to join.
    Hitler is proclaimed the German Messiah of prophecy by Stewart Chamberlain, the same man who influenced the Kaiser to begin his Aryan supremacy goals years earlier.

    I.G. Farben, a giant German Chemical company, enters in to a business relationship with the ‘SS’, providing the gas and chemicals for the extermination camps begun by Himmler.

    Also working with I.G. Farben as business partners with the Third Reich (after war was declared!) were ITT and General Electric. Both ITT and GE continue to provide electricity, communication systems and necessary materials to the German state.

    Ford Motor companies in Germany continue to produce vehicles for Adolph Hitler.

    On the I.G. Farben Board of Directors are:
    Max and Paul Warburg, both heads of banks in Germany and instrumental in the beginning of the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S.
    H.A. Metz, Director of the Manhattan Bank (a Warburg Bank later to become the Chase Manhattan Bank-a Rockefeller link)
    the Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and of the National City Bank, C.E. Mitchell
    Montague Norman, the Director of the Bank of England itself
    Prince Bernhard, another member of the House of Orange, is a member of the ‘SS’ and an employee of the I.G. Farben company. After the war he becomes Chairman of the Board of Shell Oil. The Prince will later form the ‘Bilderbergers’, and chairs the meetings until 1970.

    The Orion Psych-Team has put together a movement formed of some of the most powerful people and entities on Earth. The Third Reich appears headed for successful take-over of the entire world. The Psych-Team have successfully worried the lizards.

    Hitler relies heavily on the ‘Secret Ones’ to guide him in his movements. They have protected him more than once, rescuing him from certain death.

    But, during the course of the war. Hitler constantly uses cocaine, morphine, strychnine, painkillers and sedatives. As the war progresses, he increases his drug use to relieve the stress. Though he is still guided by the ‘Secret Ones’, the drugs make him think he can accept or reject their advice as he pleases.

    The Psych-Team is worried Hitler will destroy their war plans for a take-over.

    [Note: Hitler, Goering, Hess, and Himmler are all members of a Secret society. FDR and his successor, Harry S. Truman are both Freemasons. Japanese military leaders are members of the Black Dragon Society. World War II pits members of the world’s most powerful secret societies against each other.]


  4. Btw, I’ve been spreading your site around to hopefully generate more interest. Maybe your visitor count has gone up? I also suggest you don’t team up with any other researchers as it tends to degrade the information. As well, if they’re of a more dominant nature/clandestine nature, they will try to hijack your words and mix it with their own. Two famous researchers, who seem genuine, DI and WP, I’ve noticed are not who they appear to be. So far only the TBTL author seems to be genuine and down to earth, and even he told me he doesn’t want to team up with anyone as he has no interest in fame or fortune. Only the truth getting out. His search for self truth has led him to awakening many others.


  5. comment vanished here it is again

    Great points made . Yes the elite international jewish bankers and industrialists were strangling Germany. Theres reliable things on the internet that theres something about Germany, the Germanic race and could we include in this the white Russian perhaps Aryan Scandinavian races too. But especially Germany, that International Elite Jewry has put loads of effort to destroy that’s still continuing today. Some call it an attempt at White Genocide.

    However Ken O Keefe doesn’t mention (mind you I haven’t researched his other views on this) , the Bush and Rockefeller and who knows who else American funding of Nazi Germany. There is eventalk on Dublinmick blog and other places, that Hitler was a Rothschild. Hitler I gather attended the Tavistock institute run by people like Freud and other psychiatrist Jews, in about 1910 or 12 I think. I read somewhere Stalin did too. Hitlers ascent is suspicious and he seemed highly trained in crowd manipulation, giving speeches etc.

    Therefore Ken o Keefes points do seem and feel right on one level. Its very nice to see private bankers being kicked out and a nation becoming strong again printing its own Greenback Deutschmarks. But could Hitlers ascent have been engineered by the hidden hands of international judeo freemasonic kabbalistic Zionist bad people to further a bigger agenda we are seeing their attempts conitinue today with north korea?


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