Soft-Disclosure and The Concept of Physical and Mental Reality

This is more about the concept of physicality and mentality than it is a soft-disclosure post, however there is information in both forms here.

Movie: Two 22
The simultaneity of correspondence across multiple parallels of reality.
The conscious mind can access multiple parallels of possibilities and operate as a kind of simulation tester for which reality is successful through a hyper-real superimposition of possibilities.

Because he was viewing them, he was caught up within a causal relationship to the result.

If they were going to hit, then no matter how close it seemed, with the given scenario and the optional spread of possibilities, the alternative was likely to not hit. Thus, the one with the courage and the intellect to see the patterns can seemingly dodge absolute disaster through what are actually highly calculated risk assessment decisions.

All the little events lead up to the big ones but the big one was complete even before the little ones began. The big event is one time that simultaneously occurs throughout the enactment of all the little events that are linear components in their own time-stream. The multiple streams, while separate, are interlaced with one another and lead up to the same simultaneously pinnacle event of awareness. Self awareness is the pinnacle, all the steps and components leading up to the stimulation and catalyzing of that pinnacle.

The story goes to mention the little things that count as part of some kind of pattern. These are the seemingly separate and linear, consecutive and accumulative smaller events that lead up to the orientation of the larger or pinnacle of events. In actuality one can generate the catalyst through self-awareness. It’s not that the smaller events are not real but that the necessity of them is illusory as they are like an organic extra-cellular matrix for the events of time to fit within in correspondence and relation to. Without one another there is no substance, however this can be achieved through directed awareness and waiting on the events to show the right ‘numbers’ is not entirely necessary. This is because mind is the true substance the extra-cellular matrix of the events in hyperspace, however this is invisible to the mind. These events, in this way, are literally hyperspace possibilities, items of hyperspace, held in an extra-cellular like fluid of mind.

The sentient beings that lack the awareness to become present and interactive on the higher levels of mental space, hyperspace which are through awareness of the possibilities and interactivity beyond a purely physical, chemically programmable level are considered material beings that lack the higher functioning of the spirit. The spirit is fundamentally the higher space ‘fluidlike’ extracellular matrix of mind. It is actually spirit, or a spiritual, etheric, liquid-light like substance.

This is down to a science as portals can be defined using the right mixture of physical materials, elements, chemicals, metals, minerals, biological components, and electromagnetic frequencies that enable one to directly, technologically interact with this ‘hyperspace’ and alter possibilities, probabilities and potentials down to a specific time, situation, mind-individual, or event. The time domains can be assessed, searched, analyzed, and repositioned or reorganized according to whoever or whatever is currently processing the most power and the most information in this region of space. This is one way large supercomputers power the flow of time and direct change for multiple civilizations, across hyperspatial barriers, directing a community of parallels in synchronization with one another. The human mind does this automatically and people have been drowned out from their higher power through meaningless and trivial distractions with trinkets, gossip, materialism and hedonism, superficiality, and an illusory science and world that explains reality in a way that has nothing to do with the reality of the situation, consciousness or existence other than when people are tricked or brain damaged. This is achieved through the literal brain damaging of the population through an epidemic of casualties from chemical contaminates, electromagnetic, genetic, spiritual, psychotronic, pollution and warfare against the higher potential and intellectual capacity of the human.

In trying to change time, time bounces back like an elastic band and corrects the flow of events to keep aligned with the eventual pinnacle event. Without changing the mind, the time will still occur the same because the program and the experience is actually mental rather than physical. Thus, changing the physical events is not effective whereby changing the mind is. This is through the care and the attachment to the end result. If a person can be pushed across that level of resistance or attachment, say by experiencing whatever the pinnacle or little events would cause that individual to experience, yet doing this before hand, one could alter the synchronization with each and thus the whole. However, the one who does this, would not be the one who began the project, the consciousness maybe, but that is a different definition.

In short, the physical program cannot be altered, but the native consciousness can bounce and jump around or over the end by accessing multiple parallels in proximity to that original stream. This is what the human civilization has done and the initial jump is due to interference from a spiritual war upon humanity, an imbalance of the emotional field, the mind and the physical field that began in the non-physical layers and has rooted itself in the physical as a kind of interdimensional parasitic hive mind entity.

This ascertaining of the possibilities connected to the physical layer can be used to become more aware of, or overcome programming and mind control blocks by seeing the possible events and outcomes based upon one’s own involvement or lack of involvement. Then one can see what would happen anyway and what they are likely to be programmed to choose, if they are programmed or interfered with in any way such as mind control and through this choose the correct action outside of what they may be driven to choosing or what they may be completely unaware of. Until one looks, this is hidden. The issue is that many people do not think to look because they are fully content with the choices they are making and seeing on the physical level but when viewed from beyond the physical one can see that there are alternate layers of patterning and programming that are recent or have not existed since the beginning and are the result of external interference. The mind is selective and if the ‘current’ ego (which is always ‘currently’ in the past, or in memories and persona or “image”, like the image of the stars in the 3D model being ever in the ‘past’) and if people become depatterned from the original blueprint or mode of experiencing reality from birth then unless they have an automated “reality checking” pattern or a mind control testing safeguard they will not realize this has occurred unless someone checks for them or they spontaneously rise to higher awareness. This spontaneous rising is often the result of a catalyst such as a great loss or difficulty and thus it is always more efficient to check first and continually check one’s reality, behavior, patterns, and the synchronization-harmonization between the internal and external reality. This is akin to cleaning one’s teeth or cleaning the body and a regular maintenance and upkeep of analyzing the mind, the presence of self, the direction and attitude of thoughts and internal experience is healthy behavior to ensure continuity and increasing self-awareness. If there are increasing distractions or interferences of self-awareness then this behavior is necessary that much more so and will require an increasing of refinement, directive, or intent and knowledge to disable the interference mechanisms while also remaining focused on the original blueprint. The blueprint is apparent from the harmonized presence of self so this is secure as long as the harmonized sense of self can be reached which is the issue as that inner balance is exactly what is targeted by distractions and interferences that are chemical, mental, emotional, physical, electromagnetic, environment or in other forms.

In learning to continually check one can learn to act as their own catalyst to reach higher awareness and that is the key to altering or disabling interference and to reaching one’s full potential of their capacity to experience and choose what energies to live within and thus what realities and possibilities to activate. When one is in full activation of their reality through being aware and in control of the choices they make and their impact on others and the self overall, then one is in enjoyment. The less awareness and control the least likely one is to enjoy their reality.

Harmonizing, maintaining, or cleaning one’s mind of programs is literally as simple as being aware of the internal experience, the choices and desires of the innermost self that does not find immediate and accurate expression in the physical, and working to ensure that this internal reality is synchronized-harmonized with the external reality of the physical body, the physical world and the choices and experiences we express through physicality and the chemistry of the brain and body. The internal reality is contained within the higher dimensional fields of the electromagnetic emissions of the body, the aura or the soul, and the chemistry and physical biology contains the information and memory of the energies the condense down and directly interact with the physical body.

The interference is often due to there being potentiality gaps where one is say, no so sure about, or not so intently secure in bringing what is within on the spiritual plane outward towards the physical, collective experience in this reality. When this happens, when there is a lack of mental cleanliness through a lack of regular maintenance and upkeep of increasing self-awareness and ensuring that there is a synchronization, when there is a gap, what occurs is that there are interdimensional parasitic style organisms that will naturally move in and take up the excess ‘potential charge’ that the mind-body will ‘leak’ out and this becomes oriented in the most anti-Human of ways. For instance, if the emissions of the subtle energies, the mind, the inner intentions are not made aware and part of the central presence of the “I” character that is your presence of being, then another “I” that is artificial, pseudo-personal, imitative, and invasive will move in to take your place and this “I” will always make choices that are not in your best interest. This is simply because you are the only “I” that can serve you the best and all else is simply something invading your field where there are gaps left by your carelessness or unawareness and this the same process as a bug invading your living space where there is food carelessly left about.

The webs of expectation and social pressure are used to entangle and disengage humans from their internal experience and their connection to the true self.

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