Jake Barlow and Aug Tellez

This is the unedited version.


2 thoughts on “Jake Barlow and Aug Tellez

  1. Thank you for the unedited version! Off topic here, wondering about children and parenting and who created this type of reproduction that produces a defenseless being that is able to be preyed upon? It seems to be part of the controllers plan: “hey let’s make reproduction be vulnerable versions of the humans that come out of their own bodies so the parents can forever be worried about the offspring, and we can harvest that energy, then, the kids we steal and abuse are defenseless so that energy is easy to obtain. The kids can just be stuck in suffering with no possible way out and we can mess up the whole species” my point being without that defenseless version of the human and the parent/child bond it would be not really much of a game. What if in original “home”: no age no time maybe no kids who are less developed? I’ve never heard this addressed.


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