The Resolution of the Autonomous Mind

Now we go a little bit further.

When one can go inside and remain present inside the ‘moment’ then there is no limit to how long they can stay without focusing on any one thing in particular but an open-mindedness of no-single thing but everything.

Time then, doesn’t have a direct route in and out of the moment and what one feels can be interpreted in any variety of presences of the self. You can feel the most powerful, to the root, joy from simply staring at the back of your eyelids.

One could also experience terror or discomfort! We have all known how boring boredom can be when we do not separate the observant quality of the self from the autonomous ticking and processing functions of the brain. Without that input, the mind, when filtered through the sensory identity, the ego, literally goes into a panic in the search for input to carry on the linear sensory timeline of the interactive experience of one’s existence.

The resolution of that continuous process must be something that supersedes the interest in the linear storyline because the background of that linear continuity is the everlasting and omnipresent true self within the super-conscious mind. This is the combination, not the dichotomy of, both the conscious and unconscious mind.

What is the universe if it’s neither a complete, finite object or a never ending, boundary-less haze of concepts?

What is the individual if they are both a mind and a body while being neither separately?

What is the mind capable of, if the true presence of self is neither conscious nor unconscious but some surreal, extra-dimensional simultaneous mixture of both in a single experience across multiple planes?

That quality of self, that’s the one that can go within and let go of the temporal and spatial constraints of the physical sensory system. That is the one that can navigate the sensory system within, in the realization that the entire universe actually exists within the mind, not the mind in the universe. What if in truth, both are actually present. The mind is in the universe and the universe is in the mind?

Get it? It’s a klein bottle of a reality. The duality is one wrapped around and inside the other. Still, this is the way one sees when viewed through a biological sensory system. This is the system that struggles to comprehend both perspectives simultaneously and must cascade through them to provide a kind of pop-up comic book view of reality. When the dichotomy is put together, the actual occurrence is found which is neither in time, nor out of time.

When this format for perspective is held within the mind, the self is neither limited by the temporal constraints of the moment, nor completely untethered. The point here is that when you attempt to go within and be calm without time, what brings you out of that calm is the concept that the ego is currently entangled with and married to in the mundane or material world. When one is divinely married to the cosmos as a whole instead of just one egoic or personally impressed aspect, then one is free from the pseudo-identity, the persona that is temporary and illusory.

5 thoughts on “The Resolution of the Autonomous Mind

  1. This guy reminded me of you from your videos…minus the shaggy beard: WHAT THE DMT ALIENS LOOK LIKE | My Experience (Cosmic Serpents, Psychedelic Entities, Astral Beings)

    Of course, we all know how open drugs make a person and once you’re open the path to possession is much easier. It’s the metaphorical East vs West medicine…treat the symptom or find the underlying cause of something. Kind of reminds me of the greyhound bus be header or the zombie face eating man.


  2. “What is the mind capable of, if the true presence of self is neither conscious nor unconscious but some surreal, extra-dimensional simultaneous mixture of both in a single experience across multiple planes?”(.)


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