Truth and Reality

Everything is a show! It’s not that there is no truth, it’s that there is only truth because one can’t slice reality into one complete picture. Those that attempt to, go insane, period. That is what we found in the bases. The idea is the story of the origins of Humanity and the origins of the Universe. There is NONE IE: NO ONE, because it’s not an OBJECTIVE thing. The universe is not a thing but a dream-time and the clear-cut view LITERALLY shifts depending on who’s doing the looking.

That sounds crazy but this only results in insanity when one attempts to FORCE reality, their reality and others, into being concretely one or the other. That is the basis for mind control.

4 thoughts on “Truth and Reality

  1. As they also coalesce the timelines into a more cohesive path, such as 911 they can then better control the population. On that day almost the whole world united into one single thought, but then the divergences came again. Cern is also to coalesce timelines, on top of trying to open a dimensional doorway to the locked away entities, the fallen ones. Their Shiva dance of death signifying they wish to bring about the destroyer En.Ki/Shiva again. I think Haidekhan Babaji said it best when truth simplicity and love are all you need. The simpler the truth, the more focused you become. They mistook him for shiva, and he didn’t deny it, why correct mere mortals as they say, I believe he was of that pantheon but not shiva himself. Teachings of Babaji


  2. Aug, this seems reflective in the thought “who created God / Existence / All That Is” and “When / how did Creation begin”? The linear brain / ego embedded within time / space shuts down at this point and cannot compute existence is non-linear, unbegotten, something from nothing. It’s like the parable of the Saint floating and the man gone insane sinking- the same water but the Saint has cultivated the correct orientation. As Yogananda says, “you must stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds”.


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