The One True Answer

Two people can be lying and telling the truth at the same time! That’s called duality or dichotomy and is the nature of the illusion!

I am interested in the notion that our memory, the perception of time, the present moment, the occurrence of reality, is actually due to neurons undergoing a process of chemical degradation in the brain.

Don’t you get it? Your perception of reality is literally in your head. That’s it. The entire world, the sky the sun and moon, it changes, and sets, only because your brain cells are spitting chemicals at each other. You think it’s because of the former that your brain cells are on recording mode. It’s the opposite, the work they do is the perception that you are sensing, it’s all actually in the neuronal tissue. We’re literally in a larger organisms neuronal tissue which is made out of something more refined. Some would say a techno organisms pretending to be organic or neutral. And some would say it’s legitimately a techn-organic neutral being that literally has no true form. The universe is neither cold, hard, empty and automatic. Nor is it lively, soft, wet, spontaneous and alive. The universe is an immortal vampire, an undead, living, dreaming machine of dirt and grass and space and fire and bones and blood and thoughts and chemistry and so on. Anything you can find to match something inside this reality is automatically consumed by the incorporation of the overall picture of what the larger reality is. They’re literally no way to describe it other than the entire thing itself. It’s the only one thing in existence that matches that!

Back to memory as neuronal degradation which is seen from the opposing view as being a result of the occurrence of reality but in reality this could be the other way around whereby the neurons decaying is actually the passing of you through the immense network of simultaneously parallels we call “time”. Don’t believe me? Strap the helmet on, pull the lever and your brain cells will shift into a new phase of interaction.

Anyway, what is the nature of degrading anyway, if it is our view of time!? Think of that. We know time occurs because the thoughts in the mind disappear and degrade as if they’re dissolving into obscurity or a lower resolution for long term storage. That is the hour-glass of time, the imagery and resolution of the mental occurrences fading and dripping out of view bit by bit, grain by brain, percent or proportion by percent or proportion. It’s a casual, causal gradient expression system that automates through chemistry and the decay of nutrients.

The function of the brain cells and neurons altering over time is literally the fading of the memory and this is literally the sand of time flowing across a barrier. The idea is if you can make it so the bio-activity of the neurons themselves never decayed to what limit could the mind stretch and become the expanded awareness of.

Could a person see the entire functioning of every organ system? Every memory? Every calculation of the brain? Every ancestral impulse from thousands of years of the other individuals in the blood line? Could the mind see physical objects from all sides at once. Time in extended moments that are synchronized and connected between multiple planes of parallel, simultaneous occurrence? Can the mind become aware of an entire civilization at once?

Soon we will see these things and more, however, first we will see the other side of the dichotomy of existence, of real and un-real. This is because there are subjective truths that are based in perception and are therefore relative to the perspective of the viewer and are akin to a form of opinion.

Two people can be in a room and consider the same space hot and cold and both can be subjectively honest.

Then there can be facts where a variable is measured against an objectively determined spectrum of difference which is then used to construct a more complete, deterministically structured environment. This objective reality is then used as a basis for determining why an event occurs and what is most likely to happen for what reasons.

There there is a combination, as there is always an option that transcends for reality continues to explain and invent more details once one attains a seemingly stable, inert perspective from the measurements they have taken to form the objective reality. One version of the third is that the room can be measured at 68 degrees which one person feels is cold and another hot, or one person can feel alternatively hot and cold in different situations.

Another way is where the reality itself, not the perceptions or the sensory input of the individually biased physical body or personal mind, but the reality itself is the shifting, perceptual nature and displays multiple aspects of itself at once even though they are seemingly, simultaneously contradicting one another.

This is where reality neither proves nor disproves that what you experienced is confirmed real or illusion, objective, or fantasy.

The big secret? Everything is within a bubble of a conceptual reality that surrounds the whole network and doesn’t let anything out as long as it orients towards either end of the polarity. It’s like being within two huge magnetic bubbles on either end of the situation or locality and we also happen to be magnetic organisms as well! So of course, in the center where the application is equalize, you’re alright, try to move out of the center of the ‘twin-poles’ system and if you’re naturally oriented towards either side of the polarity then you will literally flip over to either side depending on the polarity. The attraction of the magnetic push or pull and the internal resonance with either polarity will literally smack the mind over to one side or another. Those poles are the gateways in and out of the system!

It’s like a series of lights or gates in a circuit in series, no pun intended or not intended. The one and off of each connection is alternating and they’re all lined up. One has to be perfectly balanced otherwise in attempting to pass through a gate they’ll bounce into one of the electrodes and a dangerous spark will occur which will trip a safety. The point is, the mind is naturally, for whatever ‘unnatural’ reason, kept within one of these circuits and we are continually thinking ourselves here by adhering to one side or another of a fundamentally illusory process.

Here’s the notion. The interior of the polarity system is fine and dandy, plain and blandy, nothing much going on. If one attempts to get to either parameter of the perimeter that polarity circuit will bounce them back if they attempt to leave.

The concept, when translated into linear time means a open ended circuit of multiple overlayers of reality simultaneously occurring. I’m going to pick this back up again and possibly finish the concepts or consider the full idea lost to mind and memory because my chemicals degraded and this caused the revolution of a new day that this wasn’t previously recorded, in this parallel.

The idea is you can go back and see Phase 3.1 of The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity. You can go look forever for the true origins.

Each person that goes back sees something different and each one is going and returning to a new parallel because the only constant in the universe is change, or creation. Each person sees something different or another overlay of the same system when you get to the ends of the scope, the border of the magnifying glass over time. Literally, like the edges of a magnifying glass, the details warp and distort and you only get these mythical, half-real, 12 different hours of versions of what’s taking place from the very high polarized in one direction to the opposite and then a neutrality where both are simultaneously combined. Each reality and each origin works like this. If it’s out of view, you can’t see your own birth, then that means the universe owns that temporal record and can literally slide the variables up and down a sliding scale from one end of the dichotomy to another. Whatever is feared or desired becomes part of the show, whatever, literally anything that one thinks about is what they’ll see.

Of course this usually refines down into the standard stress, suspense and release pattern of learning and overcoming, however the absolute details, the 100% factual and concrete is actually part of a system that literally rearranges and expresses itself in the same way the ink in a printer is used to apply new tones and textures and words.

It’s a reflexive consciousness system that traps one through the act of attempting to find a concrete answer. There are only frequencies or energies where something can be said to have ‘happened like this’, or happened like a dream like this, or some mythical explanation of energies at play creating and changing. Any physical reality? It’s printed out of a cosmic system that just makes it up as it goes along depending on the input of the observer. We’re literally in tandem to reality with this printer and our own thoughts. Whatever we do it will print out.

You can see how this situation got out of hand? Think about it for a minute.

The really weird part? (Getting it?) If you even think about what it is then that CAN’T be it because you’ve collapsed it down from what it was through the very act of observation! The point is reality is so sensitive, so refined, so reactive, so unstable that if you even TOUCH the truth with your own mind you will pollute the very pure nature and in that sense attempt to ascertain the truth with a “TRAP” and this will cause the very substance of the truth to flow through the fingers of your mind like sand through a closed fist!

And for anyone wondering, yes the end cut itself off as I was explaining how the software kept cutting the text off. Yes, this has all been thoroughly explored in the underground bases. Yes, devices has been invented. Yes, passages of the mind have always been known. And yes, devices have been found from previously, simultaneous civilizations that moved ‘above’ time. Yes, these devices work. Yes, they project your mind into the ‘cosmos’, yes if a person is not prepared their mind will fracture. Yes, that same experience is the experience of near-death and yes the entire civilization must be prepared because the environment has been altered so that the mind will unlock immense power from all angles and this must be tethered and harmonized so that people do not literally fly off into alternate dimensions as soon as a threshold of energy is reached.

Inverse square is the kind of gradient that extends out in the area of a magnetic field that marks the decrease of power over distance. That’s the same with your mind power within an area and a group. The airways are clogged for 2000 years, all kinds of actions produce a mental effect on nature and reality and this has been known and is applied to manipulate the collective mind for many thousands of years.

Squaring the circle is the notion of taking the natural energy of the organic fields and mathematical patterns and conforming them to a platform or a mental circuitry that enables one to actively empower themselves through those natural patterns and flows in nature. The mind is naturally made of curves but can become orderly. Too much, and the mind becomes robotic. Everything is always a balance. The perfect geometry is both masculine and feminine, it carries the entire universe of angles. That image is the entire universe, the whole thing is both, a balance, a perfect simultaneous mixture.

5 thoughts on “The One True Answer

  1. “The concept, when translated into linear time means a open ended circuit of multiple overlayers of reality simultaneously occurring. I’m going to pick this back up again and possibly finish the concepts or consider the full idea lost to mind and memory because my chemicals degraded and this caused the revolution of a new day that this wasn’t previously recorded, in this parallel”.

    This is a mind fry (my own term). This paragraph directly explains how I think when I loose my train of thought. Pick it up!!! That revolution of a new day.


  2. In your interview with the person who is the flat-earther, you neither confirmed his belief nor denied it. He asked of Corey Goode and you said nothing to say whether he is for real or not. From what you have been saying, they can be truthful as truth is subjective depending upon the person’s point of view. I’m just wondering where all of this eventually leads to. There is supposed to be some sort of event that will come to a head with all that is going on with disclosure. I’ve been reading and researching for years and I’m getting tired. Tired of this fucked up system run by evil men. I’m wondering will this event happen, or perhaps not a damn thing will happen.

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  3. Yea you can stir it around mix it up, bad, good, light dark. Yet you can’t escape your Intent. And after it all settles down that’s your pearl. Your INTENT. Peace.


    1. EXACTLY, INTENT is the actual cause, it’s the actual reason, the actual substance of measurement. The details change and flow like a dream.


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