Rise Together – Binary versus Quantum Paradigm

This is true and explains reality. Experience is a dichotomy between the binary consciousness operation of knowable or unknowable. The larger picture is that instead of a binary or 1-dimensionallly polarized varable spectrum there is actually another option of surreality or hyperreality where self-generated reality can be more real than the collectively generated objective reality.

This is the nature of the truth, because the truth hides itself in between the apparent modes of perception for the particular human apparatus because the information is largely obscured by the conscious mind.

Reality is not actually obscured, or obscuring anything. The truth is not hiding. There is a perceptual maze system invented through the organization of consciousness through the brain as an interface for the soul. There are glitches. Some would reference this as the veil system consisting of a frequency entrainment system that utilizes or is literally manifested as certain celestial bodies. The image of reality is organized according to a universal harmony where there is congruence, synchronicity, and simultaneous correspondence.

We see a linear reality, a clean cut story line, because we’re drawing that out of a landscape of virtually infinite regress and hyperreal extension into detail and perspective. It’s a hurricane of information all swirling together at once, and the conscious mind only gets a comic book strip based upon what kind of food the body wants, what might be done to reduce boredom and stimulate the sense to produce satisfying sensory and cognitive requirements. Literally, the ego is the autonomous computational system designed to keep the body safe and alive through a direct feed to the sensory system. This may seem reasonable but the concept is akin to plugging the most expanse and intellectually capable system into the component that makes a car beep when backing up.

This is the result of the loss of sanity and communal coherence in the collective mind. People filter reality through a system designed to infer the most basic of reasoning and minimalist requirements in survival and this is known as the forefront of the conception of identity and self-awareness. It’s an illusion, and the game is rigged.

Our history, as a clean cut and knowable thing, is an illusion. Our personal memories and life, all mixed up with the information of other realms and other lives, our identity is an amalgamation like a myth or endless dream. Where we place ourselves within that determines our imprint into eternity. If people place their identity in the shallow nonsensical apparitions of social behavior and cues then their destiny becomes the temporary which is anchored in materialism and doesn’t stand the test of time.

What has to be true for both a truth and an untruth to be right? The subject reality must be relative to the observer. Eventually both the subjective and the objective interrelate so that neither is the total or true picture but just fleeting glimpses of continuously shifting perspectives. Ultimately the entire world, the material and the non-physical are both an objective and subjective dichotomy of the same underlying non-dual reality and our perspective of them becomes a simultaneous truth and non truth as we extend both into spiritual immortality and into temporary materialism as the cosmic sentience. The different aspects or ‘soul fragments’ of that one larger concept of the great spirit extends down into materialism to create the imagery and perception that is the mortal human.

Is the mind body duality about having a mind and having a body, or being a mind and having a body?

Reality and myth, the story of creation and culture is a subjective reality and an objective physically measurable occurrence at the same time. A single factual version is only sustained through the use of a communal effort to focus on the same explanation and bring that into consistent manifest as the underlying reasons for actions and beliefs.

There is much more to say on this and will be said in a later post.

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