Revenge on a IRS Phone Scamming Company – Call Flooder

This is literally how the true power of the people is shown. One person, one idea, sufficient knowledge and availability. He took down an entire foreign phone-scam business in a single day. Possibly a single hour.

He then sets up a Patreon and is supported by people to continue advancing his skill. This is literally how the whole system turns around. Do you get it? For the first time ever people can actually make change and be publicly supported by the people. That literally is the first time humanity has ever had the opportunity to participate in a such a society since the universe changed.

If people allowed fear and blind submission to fraudulent authority take over nothing would’ve ever changed!

One person with knowledge who has overcome fear and has compassion for others is all it takes! Now imagine if there was one person like that in every branch of every corporation in all areas!

7 thoughts on “Revenge on a IRS Phone Scamming Company – Call Flooder

  1. Ty Aug!
    Thoughts are things and Yes! I see good people everywhere standing up! I see healing for those infected with negative implants and parasites. I see the support and education, the forgiveness and the responsibility within rising in all of us. The contract is over. This is a clean up! For everyone*


  2. The human race is the abomination, the soul which we know nothing about, due to the spiritually depraved cruel mechanism that created the human body to imprison the true entity via wiping memories . you and i have not contributed anything to the unveiling it simply is engulfing anything in its path near to it just like electricity and using it , them or us with pure love the energy that animates our human bodies which ingest pollutants to degrade any mechanisms the soul or true entity so it can be established in this hell hole , run by demons The human race is the disease and the platform for evil. So enjoy the truth enjoy your life try and stay positive . It is great to know there is so much more to what ever it is than eating , shitting rooting and all the other artificial shit that comes with it.


  3. Aug, I so needed this. I started to post to you the other day on another video. I never put it up. I was weeping with you. Thank you for making me smile as I try to ride this temperamental flow inching forward so as not to make the same mistakes all over again for the gazillionth time.

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