Life Simulation – Soul Trap

Alright, I’m going to present something here. This is just one explanation, however, in the recent years a lot of information and others have seem to come out claiming they were either shown something similar or that they are coming to similar conclusions.

We were informed that there is no such thing as “Earth”, that this entire reality is staged from the ground up. That this is a program, a life-simulation with a run-time of approximately 33 years. That if a person dies during this simulation, then they remain trapped in an etheric prison for eternity.

That there is one way out and that is through a neutralization of polarity via “Christ Consciousness” which renders one invisible to the system. IE: If one is 50% between good and evil then what are they? So, if this is done throughout all polarity, then how is their ‘self’ existence referenced by the measurements of the system? Note: This doesn’t mean to do away with compassion, but polarity, belief, or alignment with anything that can be used to measure, project, reference or reflect one’s self as a materially viable presence.

It was explained, and shown how this is possible through advanced technology, that the memories of every human on the planet has been backwards-rendered to the tune of whatever age they are at the moment and that somewhere around a few years ago everyone that is present here today was teleported into this realm and the experiment began.

Thus, all the ancestors, memories of pasts events, scars, traumas, backstory, all of it would be, in this explanation, illusory and generated through powerful advanced technology which creates the literal waves of brainwave energy that we are ‘floating’ on and within like a sea populated with bobbers bouncing around like particle sensing devices giving readouts and measuring their proximity to one another depending on the frequency and absorption efficacy of the centrally emitted brainwave energies from the devices.

Thus, we’re all plugged into this matrix system, remotely, through scalar technology, and there is only a short stretch of time in reality, that this whole civilization is experienced, yet through time dilation and inserted memories it seems wildly different. Meanwhile, we have a number of years left before the program finishes and when that occurs everyone who ‘survived’ the program, like a cruel thriller-horror movie, gets to experience freedom and health.

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