The Keepers of The Earth

The watchers of this world revealed how they set up society with specific challenges and boundaries to act as catalysts for growth. They admitted they had to modify and live-update the system because instead of using these catalysts to become larger than themselves, people became comfortable and complacent living smaller and smaller, slowly reducing circumstances.

This goes a bit farther beyond the confines of the digital age, the industrial age, and history itself. This goes into the perception of time and space in this realm.

The immortals inform us that the original “elite” are here to act as “keepers” of both humanity itself as well as the original flame of knowledge that passes through the ether.

What people call the “elite” are not the original elite. Those are people who have either risen to power through the duality system on the Earth at this level/time, or through being appointed by the elite.

We are coming to a time of great change now because the game is entirely changing. People are moving up into new layers consciousness and thus the original “elite”, who are guardians of Earth, will make their presence known for this process. This is what Humanity has called “Ascension” for centuries and millennia.

8 thoughts on “The Keepers of The Earth

  1. Questa è l’idea. Questo è un altro strato di questo, o è un po ‘strano. Tutto torna alla profezia, al controllo della mente, al tempo simulato, alla realtà virtuale e alle origini dell’umanità, della coscienza e dell’universo.La bellezza non si puo’ simulare ella essere l’intera-azione.grazie amico mio. essre stata una bella collisione.

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  2. Theun Mares makes mention of a group who the toltecs work for. They are called “The guardians of the race”. Are they the same as the keepers? How can i meet them?


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